Health Benefits of Smoking Medical Cannabis

There are several health benefits of smoking medical cannabis. This is one of the methods in which this drug can be consumed. There are also other methods in which medical cannabis can be consumed like dealing with cancer or treating with asthma. These methods include the pill form, where the medicine is made into small pills and is washed down the throat with water. It is also available in the form of sprays. These are mainly used for external application. Inhalation therapy and chewing the marijuana leaves are the other forms of consuming this medicine.

Though smoking may be injurious to health of the person who is smoking, the inhalation of medical cannabis in the form of cigarettes is commonly practiced all over the world. The medical marijuana can be made into powder form and then it can be rolled into cigarettes. These cigarettes can be smoked just like any other normal cigarettes and the benefit of the medical marijuana can be obtained by the person.

Who can smoke medical marijuana?

Anyone can smoke the medical marijuana and get the benefits. Those who will benefit more from the medication in the smoke form are those who are used to smoking. Others who are not used to smoking can use the medical marijuana in other forms.

Diseases where medical cannabis is very useful when smoked:

Neurological diseases: There are several neurological disorders that can be effectively treated with the use of medical cannabis. Parkinson’s syndrome is one of the diseases where the muscle spasm and other deficits of the brain can be reversed with medical cannabis. Multiple sclerosis is another neurological disease where the inhalation of medical cannabis in the smoke form can provide great relief. Though the neurological diseases are the ones where medical cannabis in smoke form is very effective, it can also be used in the treatment of diseases like lupus and arthritis. In these diseases, there is pain relief, relief from muscle spasm and other benefits that a person will be able to get when smoking this medicine.

Depression: When a person is depressed, the use of medical cannabis will help in boosting the brain. It will improve the mood and make the person more alert. Depression is a common problem that exists with many medical conditions. It can also exist alone without other diseases. All kinds of depression can be treated effectively with medical cannabis. Other than depression, various other mental conditions like anxiety, stress and bad mood can be treated with medical cannabis.

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Though there are several diseases that can be treated with medical cannabis, it is always better to consult your physician before making your own treatment decision.

All marijuana extracts fight cancer effectively

Tangerine Haze on movingMarijuana is a wonder drug that is being used in the treatment of various kinds of diseases. The effectiveness of this drug is because of the various extracts that are obtained from medical marijuana. Some of the common extracts that are used in the treatment of diseases are THC, Cannabis and humic acid. These are all effective in not only treating common diseases like arthritis, but they are also used to get rid of deadly malignant cancers like brain glioma.

How do marijuana extracts help fight cancer?

  1. By cutting off blood to tumor: A tumor is an abnormal growth in the existing cells of the body. Such abnormal growth can be caused by some triggers. When there is abnormal growth in the tissues, it is only possible when the going cancer cells use up the nutrition meant for the normal cells. This rapid growth of the tumor cells happen at the cost of the normal cells that soon die off. Marijuana and all the different extracts that it contains help in cutting off the blood supply to the tumor. Lack of blood supply makes the tumor to wither away and leads to a natural cure of the disease.
  2. Herbal extract: The extracts of marijuana are all herbal extracts. This is because of the fact that it is a plant based product. These extracts have been used for thousands of years by traditional healers. These herbal marijuana extracts are much more effective in countering the effects of cancer than most of the synthetic drugs that are being used.
  3. Reduced side effects: Chemotherapy is the use of a combination of many drugs in high doses to kill the cancer cells. Since many drugs are given in high doses, they can lead to various side effects and complications. Since medical marijuana extracts are all natural herbal products and do not have any chemicals in them, they do not cause any damage to the normal cells. They also help in killing the cancer cells in a much more effective manner. The side effects of using medical marijuana are limited to headache, nausea and other mild problems. The side effects caused by chemotherapy can lead to more severe side effects like systemic problems, organ failure and even death at times.

It is noticed that the medical marijuana extracts are very effective in fighting cancer, without any major side effects. Further research may make this drug safer and more effective in treating this deadly disease that affects millions of people each year.

6 ways in which cannabis helps in treatment of asthma

skunk hze effectCannabis can help in asthma treatment in many different methods. Asthma can be a very serious disease in some people. Some may have very mild symptoms all their life, but others can have serious problems because of the disease. Asthma can lead to breathing difficulty because of the decreased air entering the lungs. Because less air enters the lungs, it can cause respiratory difficulty and can even cause failure of the respiratory system, which ultimately leads to death. Some people can even suffer from an acute severe asthma attack and this is called as status asthmaticus. Such asthma attacks can be triggered by pollen, dust, some smells or other such things. Cannabis can help to prevent and treat asthma and all its complications as listed here.

1. Spasm reliever: Spasm can be present in some people when there is an acute attack of asthma. Even in chronic disease conditions, the size of the airway can be decreased because of continuous spasm. Cannabis acts as a spasm reliever and can help to increase the airway size, leading to normal breathing.

2. Anti inflammatory agent: Cannabis also acts as an anti inflammatory agent. It can help to prevent any inflammation leading to decrease in the bronchial pathway. When the right amount of cannabis is consumed as treatment, it will help to prevent inflammation triggered by asthma.

3. Expectorant: There is a lot of secretion collection in the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. If it remains without being brought out, it can cause infection. Cannabis is a very good expectorant and helps to clear the respiratory system of all kinds of secretions.

4. Bronchodilator: The bronchus can be constricted and it can decrease the air pathway. This can lead to severe respiratory distress and other problems. The cannabis acts as a bronchodilator and prevents complications brought on by bronchospasm.

5. Pain reliever: Cannabis can also act as an analgesic. Asthma does not usually cause pain, but when there is difficulty in breathing and when there is severe cough, it can lead to pain over the chest. It can also exert the muscles and lead to muscular pain. All these kinds of pain are overcome with a dose of cannabis.

6. Prevents infection: Infection can be caused when the collection of secretions has some bacteria growing in them. Infection can even become life threatening in those affected especially the young children and old people. Infection can be controlled with cannabis, which acts as a bactericidal drug and kills all kinds of microorganisms in the secretions.